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Our Payroll Services your Way to Facilitate your Life

At Pentabell we understand all the challenges that our partners and clients may face during international expansion, going from the compliance with international laws and local legislation till all the technical and financial issues related to global payroll.
Fortunately we have in-country experts located in our several districts to help you ensure your international payroll services are accurate and compliant.
Our experts make sure that your growing global workforce are paid

  • On time
  • And accurately, every time.

Our payroll approach is not only designed to keep your business manageable but we promise to save your money and time so that you can focus on your strategic business areas.

Our Payroll Approach

As an International Payroll Specialist, we have developed a unified payroll solution that represent a lean solution to more than 70 blue chips international clients.
We provide quality payroll services among our core business divisions including Oil And Gas, Energy, Telecom and transportation.
The main advantage of our Payroll approach is providing local and optimal payroll solutions that are managed by our international payroll experts and order administration teams in one single unified platform.
This Payroll Solution allows Compliance, and Analytics to be managed globally, and the backbone of our Lean Payroll solution is the backbone of our Order Administration Team. Compared to a Local Payroll Provider, or to a Payroll Aggregator we identify scalable Payroll Solutions, suited to Projects, or to on-going Business Operations.

We make your international payroll services simpler by managing:

Payroll Approach







Input Format

Time Zones

Discover our International Payroll Services

Payroll Onboarding and off Boarding

Across 20 countries we help business efficiently on-board and off-board employees from payroll to save your precious time

Easier International

Paying your onboard employees should never be difficult and since you need to make regular payments, you must collaborate with a punctual and reliable partner. At Pentabell we make sure that your global workforce receives their payment on time, in their local currency with consistency.

Secure Payroll Calculation and Processing

As an international payroll service provider understanding the complexity of furnishing payroll solutions to different locations, currencies and languages, we have the expertise to process complex payroll calculations correctly without any mistakes.

Why Choosing our International Payroll Services

5 Stars

Payroll services
that bend with
your growth

We provide you with valuable HR solutions and flexible payment supporting you across your global expansion plan

5 Stars

Local knowledge
Global Expertise

Our experienced and highly qualified HR experts work with you and help your
workforce to attain
its full potential

5 Stars

your staff

We offer an approach by onboarding your organization to unlock your talent investment by transforming their time to value

5 Stars

Global Payroll & Benefits driven by excellence

We take away all the complexity related to local pay & benefits, we make sure that your global workforce is paid on time and accurately

Get our Payroll Outsourcing Services

As an international payroll expert, we offer to manage your payroll services by making sure your employees are receiving their wage accurately each month and on time.
By choosing our payroll outsourcing services your payroll division will work perfectly which will free your finance, HR, and admin teams from time-consuming and complex tasks. Now with our help, you can keep compliant with every regulation including GDPR.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll with Pentabell

When you choose us to outsource your payroll service, we make sure that your payroll processes are running smoothly and efficiently. We promise to pay your people on time and accurately, hence we take the stress out of confusing and time-consuming procedures.
Our experts make sure to keep you up-to date with ever-changing law and local legislations such as the 1500 new global regulations that has impacted the business world since the start of the covid-19 pandemic.
While outsourcing your payroll to Pentabell, you will:

Get access to our expertise and unique solutions.

Benefit from our online payroll processing.

Free your HR teams and let them focus on productivity.

Get the compliance support.

Have your payroll taxes calculated and paid on time.

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